Beddington Gardens

Location : Carshalton, London, England
Client : Private
Area : £150,000
Status: Pre-Planning

The clients at Beddington Gardens appointed us to extend their house by providing an orangery to the rear of the property. The existing house was large and similar to a lot of older houses had been subject to piecemeal extensions over the years. By looking at the opportunities available within the existing envelope we were able to develop an alternative strategy, which provided them with the space they required within the exisitng curtilege of the house. This allowed us to speed up the overall programme by removing the need for planning and a protracted party wall process with the adjoining properties.

This internal reorganisation in turn freed equity, allowing them to convert their attic into 3 rooms under permitted development. Which would allow them to continue to live on site during the reorganisation of the main house. We are currently finalising the tender documents for this preliminary phase of the works.

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