Inverted Aquatic Lounge

Location : Rotherhithe, London, England
Client : Self realised
Area : N/A
Status: Complete

The ideas developed in the ‘-scape prototype’ were further developed for the second iteration, entitled “Inverted Aquatic Lounge.” Here, again, lay-flat hose was used to create a seat, but taking into account the properties of the material tested in the prototype, a far more advanced and fluid form was created. An ergonomically refined seat was designed, following the contours of an ideal chair, and carefully composed to occupy a tight space in the terrace of the gallery.

The lay-flat hose was conceptualised even more so as a unifying element, set proud of a hidden steel frame, and looping row by row to generate the entire membrane from a single continuous coil. The end of the coil hangs from one of a set of steel bars crossing the ceiling. These steel bars hold clear plastic bags, hanging past eye level, which serve as habitats for tropical aquatic life forms.

This interpretation of the same language of hose, steel, and plant here creates a spatially compressed moment, where the comfort and ease of the seat and the softness of the vegetation is counterposed by the industrial steel and the spatial complexity of movement through this enveloping sculpture.

The piece was installed at Horatio Jr in collaboration with Rachael Champion as the second part to the exhibition ‘Architecture of Enjoyment’ curated by Marcelle Joseph. The exhibition will run from MAy 9th to June 9th 2015