‘-scape’ prototype I

Location : Athens, Greece
Client : Self Realised
Area : N/A
Status: Complete

We have been collaborating with the awesome artist and friend of Variant Office, Rachael Champion to design a piece of furniture for an exhibition curated by Marcelle Joseph Projects  that will tour between Fokidos21, Athens and Horatio Jr. London, beginning October 6th 2014.

The exhibition is inspired by French Pholosopher Henri Lefebvre’s forgotten manuscript entitled ‘Towards an architecture of enjoyment’ written in 18973 and published in May 2014, where Lefebvre redefines architecture as a mode of imagination and calls for an architecture of jouissance—of pleasure or enjoyment—centered on the body and its rhythms and based on the possibilities of the senses.

The prototype -scape developed for Fokidos21 picks up on the themes prevalent in Champion’s work exploring the relationship between industry, technology and nature.   The layflat hose when arranged in series, re appropriates itself to form a surface for inhabitation and infill.  This material acts as both a membrane and container for plant life within the piece.  We see each show as an opportunity to reimagine the potential of the material and format of -scape.

The piece is currently being exhibited in Athens and sits within Rachael Champion’s work ‘context for -scape’