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Cornwall Gardens

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New built – Backland

Located in South Norwood, the site provides an opportunity for appropriate infill development in the backland of a 2-story semi-detached house with a large back garden.

Our approach to the design was to mass the site in a manner to maximise the efficiency of the site but also minimise the impact on the neighbouring properties. This resulted in four mid-terraced single-story units of 3 and 2 bedrooms with private back gardens and a generous front shared garden.

The stepped configuration of the units not only reduces the impact on the neighbouring properties but also adapts the new development to the existing terrain levels. To maximise the efficiency of the site the units have been displayed parallel to the site boundaries. The openings, courtyards and patios have been carefully designed depending on the orientation. The southeast facades which is the front façade is also stepped to improve the shadow in the covered entrance.

The shared communal space has an important role to play in the scheme. From a strategic perspective it provides shared outdoor space for communal interaction and also access to the units. Each unit steps out into the view down shared amenity creating visual interest with the sawtooth brick pattern that also emphasises the change in level and unit. The entrances are marked by a projecting brick and an angled recess creating a sheltered entrance into the properties.

The back façade recess creates back garden spaces which activate the rear side of the backland terrace while respecting the historic view from South Norwood Recreation Ground. These rear gardens serve the most private areas of the dwellings.

The private courtyards at the centre of the dwelling articulate the public rooms in the house and ensure crossed ventilation throughout the property

Following from our concept for a development of exemplary brick houses, the design seeks to use brick in a variety of ways, developed as a response to different requirements. Brick can be used decoratively but can also provide various practical details The use of different brick bonds will emphasize the level changes. Brick Patterning adds depth and interest to facades The recessed sheltered entrance will also be brick to give continuity to the development.

View from South Norwood Recreation Ground


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