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We approach every project with fresh eyes. We love what we do and invest great energy in delivering projects which are beautifully conceived and finely crafted.

Being an RIBA Chartered practice, we deliver all our projects in line with the RIBA Work stages which is an industry standard. This process is outlined below.


Preparing the brief

We would work with you to develop your brief and understand what is feasible on site in terms of your vision, the spatial requirements, and your budget.


Concept Design

We would develop your preferred option into an initial concept design for the project in line with the brief we developed in Stage 1. We will work with you to develop key project strategies and make recommendations on any other support the project might need to achieve your vision.


Spatial Coordination

We would develop the concept design further, defining any interior and exterior finishes and fittings, including integrating & coordinating any engineering & building services provided by the other consultants. We would also submit our proposals to the local authority for approval if required.


Technical Design

We refine the architectural, interior, building services & structural engineering designs, finalising any designs by specialist subcontractors in preparation for the tender submission.

We would agree the list of contractors to tender with and issue a package to them for pricing. We would review the returns with you and upon deciding which contractor to work with we will prepare the contract between the contractor and yourself.



This stage is when the actual process of building starts. This includes specialist fabrication or offsite manufactured items. During this stage we will carry out site inspections, administer the contract and compile site reports. We would respond to any queries that may arise during the construction and use our experience to mitigate any risks we may foresee.


Handover & Closeout 

This phase focuses on the successful handover of the completed building, in line with the project programme and also includes completing initial aftercare tasks & certification.

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